October 19, 2019

About Us

Welcome to Studenter i Forskning Stockholm

Studenter i Forskning Stockholm (SiF for short, eng “Students in Research”) is a non-profit association started in 2017, that aims to aid students at the Karolinska Institute’s path into research as a potential career.

SiF carries out plenty of research inspiring and informative events such as “How to research”-lecture, journal clubs, and research colloquiums and also facilitates student-research communication with a supervisor list of researchers interested in supervising students in their lab. Further, SiF holds a platform and a forum for research interested students as well as for student interested researchers where the goal is for them to meet, greet and decipher the road into research. 

Studenter i Forskning collaborates with many actors at the Karolinska Institute as well as the Medical Association – of which SiF is a student union association. Collaborations include Career Service, IFMSA, KirA, DSA, LS, BUS, BC, FoLäk etc.

Through the SiF website, anyone and everyone can get access to the many ways of initiating research at KI as well as information regarding how to also continue a research career.

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