March 17, 2020

The Board

The Board

Caroline Schagerholm

President Caroline. Il présidente. Our mother. Father. God. If you didn't get it we're trying to hint that she's our president. Also a final year med student. She conducts research on therapy models of breast cancer patients. Before starting her medical career she had a background in classical music which now takes form in that she plays, writes and listen to all sorts of it. Literally. The woman has like a thousand different instruments, one weirder than the other, and the tiniest apartment. The equation doesn't add up. From Gothenburg, Sweden's windiest hell hole, which means absolutely nothing other than the stream of bad puns we have to sit through on meetings. Because we felt that this description wasn't enough we're also adding that she has a pet bonsai tree named Bianca. As an animal, she'd be a fancy schmancy poodle. Hi Caroline!

Jessica Hacheney

Vice President
Fraulein Jessica is our vice president! This German goldilocks is doing her masters’s studies in biomedicine with a specialization in tumor biology whilst also evading those three bears that there's that story about. She's fascinated about immunology as it is omnipresent in every disease (honestly that's the word she chose, omnipresent, such a geek) and in her free time, she's this active sports person? Doing body pump? Yoga? Tennis? Skiing? Sounds exhausting. Right now she's also doing a scuba diving course which sounds like fun but in Sweden? I mean honestly Jessica why would you ever want to do that here? When not geeking out in the lab or the gym she's most often somewhere else and traveling abroad. Fun fact. You'll meet Jessica more times with a suitcase on her way to the airport than otherwise. Jetsetter. If she'd been an animal she'd be an alpaca because... it's a great animal you'd be lucky to be compared to one.

Lina Abdel-Halim

Not last but certainly physically least. Lina is responsible for PR together with Ali and handles her position splendidly by googling "when to post stuff on Instagram to get super many likes" (she's never succeeded) and "why can't I log into Facebook even though I'm really really super sure I have the right password" (she's never succeeded). Why our president Caroline keeps her truly is beyond comprehension. Her hobbies include, but are not limited to, really bad jokes, lying horizontally on the floor eating crisps and... that's pretty much it. The amount of uninterrupted time she needs to lie horizontally on the floor eating crisps really is staggering. Has a tree diagnosed with alopecia and affective seasonal depression at home named Frank and besides a winning personality her father once labeled "the worst I've ever met" she's a fourth year medical student currently writing her thesis. Her supervisor said it's about anesthesia so it probably has something to do with that. Has written this entire thing in third person and if she'd been an animal her middle eastern ancestry has made sure she has enough facial hair to be mistaken for any kind of really hairy animal (let's be honest) but otherwise she'd aim for llama because alpaca is already taken.

Iida Tynkkynen

Recruitment Manager
Iida! Spelled with two I's! This I know because we spent weeks thinking her name was Lida and we're terrible people. She's a master’s student in health economics policy and management who's super interested in Alzheimer’s disease and wrote her bachelors thesis about AD and EEG, somehow planning to include AD in her masters thesis as well because apparently it's important to her? This, we assume, is what dedication means. We don't know because we've never experienced it. Besides hating raisins (amen) and choosing chameleons as her spirit animal... we believe she's Finnish? Crudely based on her name and the fact that we stalked her Facebook which is littered with the language but... who knows. Moving on! The lady doesn't know how to whistle and when asked about her party trick she wrote "... party trick would definitely be twerking but it’s not super impressive as my bum isn’t moving that well. Maybe it’s also a bit inappropriate to write" and as the story unfolds, here we are. Last but not least her favorite thing in the whole world is happy people and yes it's maybe a bit lame but we love happy people too so Iida, we're a perfect match.

Ali Rassolie

PR-manager Ali, habibi, a ninth semester medical student who's responsible for PR together with Lina. Does some kind of weird research within cardiology. We should ask him more about this at some point... When asked for a bio we got quote "bro who wants to travel but never has the time, on the brink of hitting the wall, ponders my life choices if they were rly the right ones" unquote. Woah Nelly. Basically your depressing Russian 19th century novel right there but with the arab twist. On his free time he's either doing techy stuff that makes no sense (he's the wizz behind our web page), research or music. A man of many and diverse talents. Speaks Swenglish unironically which, feel free to mock him endlessly for. If he'd been an animal he'd been Marty from Madagascar. Or maybe a bichon frisé. This was perhaps not a question that he was asked rather than one we just answered ourselves.

Christina Tsagkogianni

Events Manager
Christina is responsible for activities together with Linda! A toxicology student from Greece who for extremely unclear reasons decided to move to Sweden? Apparently she did that by choice? We, of course very concerned about her mental health, asked three times. But no. Came here of her own free will she did poor child. Before coming here she spent two years in neuroscience research, is she still doing neuroscience? Don't know. Remind us to ask her later. On her free time she enjoys dancing, acro, training at the gym, has successfully been disturbing peacefully sleeping cats since -95 and handstands. Loves coffee and chocolate but honestly Christina, don´t we all? Try to be more original please. Asked her what favourite color is and she said "teal? cyan? dark blue-green? don't know color names say blue worst case" and Christina let me tell you, you just dropped three color names I was not aware of so yes we're going with blue. If she'd been an animal she'd be a turtle (?) according to herself but she looks like a lion and I mean between the given options there really is no way I'm letting turtle slide. Lion it is. The badass kind that eat her men and children and then runs of with the Spanish pool-lion Ramon whilst only wearing a negligee and feather boa. Porque Christina, porque? Just explained the plot to a telenovela of the savanna animal kingdom. You're welcome.

Linda Kogerman

Events Manager
Linda! Hi Linda you Estonian beaut! You're responsible for activities with Christina! Fun! We hope! Linda is a curiosity-driven biomedicine student, interested in the mechanisms of cancer and what it teaches us about cell biology. She also likes unnecessarily elaborate animations on her powerpoints. Which, honestly, is something we all should strive for. Not much is known about her so we stalked her Facebook and found... nothing. Mysterious gal you're teasing me. I know what I want and I know what I need *softly humming on promiscuous girl by nelly furtado*. . Anyway. We asked what animal she'd be and she answered "mmm dog". First of all, what? The mmm part creeps us out. Secondly, kind of boring so we're changing it to the love child of an ocelot and an iguana. Her party trick is that she can dislocate her shoulders and use her arms as a skipping rope and the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to her is that time when she broke into the Italian embassy. The first thing might not be true and the second thing might have happened to someone else... but to hell with the truth. It's overrated anyway. This however is true! Her favourite quote is: Life is what happens to you while you were busy making other plants! No. Wait. Plans is the word we're looking for. Plans sounds more accurate.

Linnea Påvenius

Recruitment Manager
Linneas profile will be up shortly. When our crappy PR-responsibles have taken the time to write one.